FREE Relationship Secrets Workshop – London (+ Guest Speaker)

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FREE Relationship Secrets Workshop – London (+ Guest Speaker)

Tue 30 April at 7:00 pm - 9:30 pm

£0.30 – £47.00
Personal Development Asian Dating Workshop London, Relationship Secrets


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***£0.30 Free Tickets are refunded to you after you attend the Event. A £25 no show fee will be assessed if you do not attend.***

Become a Power Couple And Create a Truly Inspiring Life Together!

Relationship Secrets Workshop: For the FIRST TIME in the history of SBS, our FIRST EVER Female Relationship Mentor will reveal The Biggest Secret to a Successful Relationship!

We want to personally invite you to a very special Evening Workshop we are holding in London on Tuesday 30th April 2019.

That relationship goal you want is closer than you think! But first you need to understand fully what it means to have a DEEP, THRIVING, AND TRULY INSPIRING relationship.

…And it all starts by attracting the right person into your life!

We don’t hold these in-person workshops very often. This is an opportunity you must take if you’re available. You’ll regret it if you miss out, because there’s no guarantee we’ll have another event like this anytime soon. Go ahead and save your spot before seats run out!

Here’s what you’ll get when you attend the “Relationship Secrets” Workshop: 

+ The Biggest Secret to a Successful Relationship
+ How to meet and attract the right people into your life
+ Explore your role as a man and woman in a relationship
+ How parents and the environment programme our mindset
+ Why many men resist marriage even when they are totally in love?
+ Explore the masculine and feminine composition.
+ How to fearlessly pursue your deepest purpose in life
+ How to cultivate true love, partnership and purpose
+ How to grow together in love and life, and beyond!

The Real beauty of this talk is that you can use these skills in all aspects of your life. We’ve put together our passion for love, relationships and life in a massive value packed workshop for you to take home and use straight away!

If you’re ready to experience a deep, thriving, and truly inspired life TOGETHER as a POWER COUPLE …Then this is for YOU!

This will completely change how you approach relationships, and put you on the path to MASSIVE SUCCESS!

About Workshops
Workshops are about OPENING YOUR EYES to these astonishing Relationship Secrets and insights, and whether you’re an awkward newbie or trying to reach the next level, We’re going to send you back that same night armed with powerful tools that will make an immediate difference in your relationships.

Workshops are wild and unpredictable beasts – it can go in so many different directions. We have a hard-hitting skeleton of what we’ll teach you going in, and then amp it up over several hours until it’s taken a life of its own.

Lock Down Your Seat Right Now While It’s Hot On Your Mind…

Workshops are about YOU and YOUR EXPERIENCE.

It’s our challenge to educate you, entertain you, mess with you, and reveal Relationship Secrets to you that will CHANGE YOUR LIFE forever, as much as is possible by the laws of physics within the few hours that I have.

To do this we unleash an armoury of tools onto your brain… and TRANSFORM YOUR LOVE LIFE.

Workshop Leaders
Founder of SBS and finalist for the UK Dating Awards, Kamey is an expert in dating. A university lecturer, mentor and leader in the dating industry, Kamey’s no-nonsense approach combines in-depth psychology, a fresh perspective and practical tools to help you reach your goals faster.

How it works
19:00 Workshop starts
21:30 Workshop ends

Central London – Exact location will be emailed to all attendees 1-week before the event.

Nearest Tube:

Refund Policy:
No Refunds. No refunds at any time

Testimonials (Unedited experiences of attendees)

“Being mentored by Kamey boosted my confidence and made me get out there and start meeting girls. I have now been on many dates and I have the confidence that from here on I can make it work and build the life of my dreams with the woman of my dreams!” – Dinesh, 28 from Leeds

“I can’t tell you how much I needed this workshop. Listening to Kamey made some giant changes in my life. I’ve lost 5 stone, I relocated for a better job to London, and I’m now in a relationship with the most beautiful girl. Thank you for helping me change my life.” – Raj, 26 from Birmingham

“I asked Kamey how to talk a girl without looking like a fool. I took Kamey’s advice and went for it. If it wasn’t for Kamey, I’d still be wondering who she is. Kamey made me realise I was making it harder than it actually was. His advice pulled me through and brought someone special into my life.” – Jag, 35 from London

“I have honestly learnt so much from Kamey. Kamey’s advice boosted my motivation and it really does work.” – Abhi, 28 from London

“Just those few hours at the workshop made a massive difference to me. Kamey gave me the push and the motivation I needed. I told my friend the advice you gave us in the workshop and he was blown away. You made me realise I have nothing to lose and I actually have a lot to offer.” – Kay, 31 from London

“Just want to say a simple thank you. Just days after our workshop I started meeting girls, getting numbers and going on dates. Now I’m married and got a kid on the way. Thank you for working so hard to help others, and from my heart I appreciate the kick in the pants I needed.” – Gurv, 29 from London

“I was on the wrong path for years. Kam put me on the right path. I have a much clearer vision for what I want and much stronger convictions for my life. I hope I can now also change the lives of others… this was a massive investment and well worth it.” – Shiv, 31 from London

“You seriously inspired me bro, you boosted my confidence and showed me how to deal with rejection. I’m dating a girl now that 6 months ago I couldn’t even say hi to… all because of you.” – Rik, 32 from London

“I’ve been listening to Kamey for the past 3 months. Started with the workshop and then the VIP one-on-one mentoring. Last Friday, I got engaged. Thank you! This is a genuine message. I’m grateful for your efforts to change the dating world.” – Amit, 27 from London

“The workshop has already changed my life irreversibly. I learned more in 1 day than in the last 5 years combined. I have been dating a girl for the past 6 months. I think she’s the one!” – Gurj, 29 from Leicester

“Coming to this workshop changed my life. I stopped letting girls mess me about, and I’m about to get engaged to the girl of my dreams.” – Jas, 37 from London


Tue 30 April
7:00 pm - 9:30 pm
£0.30 – £47.00
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Central London
London, EC3V 3LA
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