VIP Dating Mentor Success Secrets: Live Training – Leicester

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VIP Dating Mentor Success Secrets: Live Training – Leicester

Thu 3 October at 7:00 pm - 9:30 pm

Personal Development Asian Dating Workshop London, Free Dating Mentor Success Secrets


20 available VIP Female Ticket£10.00Extremely limited!
18 available VIP Male Ticket£10.00Extremely limited!

***A £25 no show fee will be assessed if you do not attend.***

It’s Kamey from SBS. Did you know Since Being Single does VIP Live Training Events all over the UK, in almost every major city? And you’ve NEVER been to it!

Here’s what I’m going to tell you: You can learn from SBS in almost every major city.

We do this to spread the positivity, love and ideas of this community, and to inform you that THIS SHIT IS FOR REAL. You can come and meet us in person, and we want to teach you.

We don’t hold these VIP Live Training events very often. This is an opportunity you must take if you’re available, because there’s no guarantee we’ll have another event like this anytime soon. Go ahead and save your spot before seats run out.

Now… What can you expect at a SBS VIP Live Training event?

The way it works is that you SIGN UP on this page. Then before the event we’ll hit you up with all the details of where the event will be held in your city. You’ll then get to meet myself, my team, and we’ll get to coach you in-person for many many hours.

These VIP Live Training events are going to be on different ideas that we teach: Self development, which is about becoming your best self, how to become happier, how to become more present to the moment and elevate yourself. And most importantly, things that we’ve been teaching for many years which is how to find love.

The ideas that we share at a VIP Live Training Event are to help you get on your way to reach your goals. They’re really meant to light a FIRE UNDER YOUR ASS.

So by the time you leave the VIP Live Training, there’s a few things that happen:

1. First of all, you’re super entertained. These events are very very fun

2. Secondly, to make it REAL for you. Once you’ve met SBS it’s going to feel so REAL to you that you’re going to want to take MASSIVE ACTION

3. Another aspect of it is that you’re going to meet other like-minded people. You’re going to get a networking group there in-person, which is really invaluable. There are so few people who want to improve themselves, and for that reason you’re also going to benefit

4. And lastly, most importantly you’re going to get educated. The education you’re going to get at a VIP LiveTraining event is second to none. We go in GUNS BLAZING… Ready to change YOUR life.

Whether you want to become a better person, to be better for your future children some day, to be better for your friends and community, to become better socially, and to become more confident, well… THIS IS FOR YOU.

Maybe you want to improve your basic day to day dating life. Maybe you want to meet the right people. Maybe you want to talk to people, walk up to people, meet people, and build the life you want to live. Maybe you want to have the focus and energy… the inner development and outer development you need… Well… SBS VIP Live Training is for YOU.

Lastly, maybe you just want to become a BADASS. Maybe you just want to smear a pie in everyone’s F%#KING FACE because YOU’RE THE SHIT, and be the RULER OF THE PLANET… not just in your own mind, but someone who just F%#KING RUNS SHIT… Well, we’re gonna give you the tools to do that as well.

This event is really going to hit you on every level of your psyche. We’re going to create a LOT of energy together. We’re going to make this real to you. Get you a networking group. Educate you. Give you content. This is what’s going to happen RIGHT NOW.

RIGHT NOW get your seat at the VIP Live Training event.

Don’t waste another second. Come and join us on this pleasant, fun, exciting, educational experience… This educational journey from where you’re at now to heavenly happiness of the promise land.

We’re PUMPED to meet you. We’re very excited.

Take us up on this incredible offer. Let us take you by the hand, walk you past the smoking wreckage of people who f%#ked this up, and give you the education and experience

See you at the VIP Live Training event – Kamey

Lock Down Your Seat Right Now While It’s Hot On Your Mind!

SBS VIP Live Training Leader
Founder of SBS and finalist for the UK Dating Awards, Kamey is an expert in dating. A mentor and leader in the dating industry, Kamey’s no-nonsense approach combines in-depth psychology, a fresh perspective and practical tools to help you reach your goals faster.

Do you want to know how you can learn from Kamey no matter where you are? Click here to find out more!

How it works
19:00 Class starts
21:30 Class ends

Central Leicester – Exact location will be emailed to all attendees 1-week before the event.

Nearest Train Station:
Leicester Train Station

Refund Policy:
No Refunds. No refunds at any time

Testimonials (Unedited experiences of attendees)

“Being mentored by Kamey boosted my confidence and made me get out there and start meeting girls. I have now been on many dates and I have the confidence that from here on I can make it work and build the life of my dreams with the woman of my dreams!” – Dinesh, 28 from Leeds

“I can’t tell you how much I needed this workshop. Listening to Kamey made some giant changes in my life. I’ve lost 5 stone, I relocated for a better job to London, and I’m now in a relationship with the most beautiful girl. Thank you for helping me change my life.” – Raj, 26 from Birmingham

“I asked Kamey how to talk a girl without looking like a fool. I took Kamey’s advice and went for it. If it wasn’t for Kamey, I’d still be wondering who she is. Kamey made me realise I was making it harder than it actually was. His advice pulled me through and brought someone special into my life.” – Jag, 35 from London

“I have honestly learnt so much from Kamey. Kamey’s advice boosted my motivation and it really does work.” – Abhi, 28 from London

“Just those few hours at the workshop made a massive difference to me. Kamey gave me the push and the motivation I needed. I told my friend the advice you gave us in the workshop and he was blown away. You made me realise I have nothing to lose and I actually have a lot to offer.” – Kay, 31 from London

“Just want to say a simple thank you. Just days after our workshop I started meeting girls, getting numbers and going on dates. Now I’m married and got a kid on the way. Thank you for working so hard to help others, and from my heart I appreciate the kick in the pants I needed.” – Gurv, 29 from London

“I was on the wrong path for years. Kam put me on the right path. I have a much clearer vision for what I want and much stronger convictions for my life. I hope I can now also change the lives of others… this was a massive investment and well worth it.” – Shiv, 31 from London

“You seriously inspired me bro, you boosted my confidence and showed me how to deal with rejection. I’m dating a girl now that 6 months ago I couldn’t even say hi to… all because of you.” – Rik, 32 from London

“I’ve been listening to Kamey for the past 3 months. Started with the workshop and then the VIP one-on-one mentoring. Last Friday, I got engaged. Thank you! This is a genuine message. I’m grateful for your efforts to change the dating world.” – Amit, 27 from London

“The workshop has already changed my life irreversibly. I learned more in 1 day than in the last 5 years combined. I have been dating a girl for the past 6 months. I think she’s the one!” – Gurj, 29 from Leicester

“Coming to this workshop changed my life. I stopped letting girls mess me about, and I’m about to get engaged to the girl of my dreams.” – Jas, 37 from London


Thu 3 October
7:00 pm - 9:30 pm
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Central Leicester
City Centre
Leicester, LE1
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