The Top 10 Principles of Success with Women and Life

The Top 10 Principles of Success with Women and Life

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A lot of people think that the principles of success with women are just about getting her number and getting her on a date.

Trust me, the game runs deeper bro!

These are the principles you need for real success with women and life…

1 Transcend Social Conditioning

Success with women is about stepping outside of your social conditioning.

We’re bombarded with so many images in the media, with standards and values that we often have no control over, in order to be attractive to a woman. For example, a guy has to be tall, dark and handsome. Well, if you look at the world through your own eyes, you will see examples of many men who have proactively and meticulously made changes in their own mindset and behaviour in order to beat the odds and take control of their own lives. I know this because I’m one of them.

Stepping outside of social conditioning is also about success with life. Most people think, “Money is scarce” or “My opportunities are scarce” or they’re thinking “I don’t have rich parents” or “The only way I can succeed is if I cheat the system” or “I have to be lucky”. This is social conditioning. In fact, we live in the most abundant time ever. The opportunities you have now are amazing. This is the best time there has ever been to be alive. And the way to succeed in this life is with self education, and by taking massive action.

2 Cultivate Core Confidence

Success with women is about your core confidence.

Most people think that you have to have your best clothes on or have your friends around or be in some kind of venue where you feel comfortable, in order to attract a girl. But you can alternatively believe that you have the efficacy to walk up to a girl at any time, build your mood up, build up your confidence, open, talk to her, get her laughing, get her chasing you, and get her on a date.

Core confidence is also about success with life. People think that you need the right connections, or they need that specific mentor to help them along the way, or just think they’re not talented enough. But actually, the barrier for entry for starting a business is as low as possible with the internet these days. And finding a mentor online (ME!), is not too hard either. In fact, talent is built through the 10,000 hours of grinding it out and putting in the time. And that’s how you reach mastery.

3 Centre Yourself In The Present Moment

Success with women is about becoming present to the moment.

That means not dwelling on the past events that frustrate you, or being too focused on the future in a way that takes you away from what’s going on right now. Being present in the moment gives you an additional creativity, emotional stability, and reduces unnecessary mental noise. That means you can walk up to a girl and be free flowing and get conversation going. It means you’re going to pass her tests about whether or not she thinks you’re a man, and it means you’re not going to stumble all over yourself when you try to approach her, talk to her, and get her on a date.

Presence is also about success with life. There’s definitely going to be times in your life where you’re going to have setbacks and conflicts. If you’re too busy dwelling on that, you’re not going to be clearly focused to be able to make the right decisions. Also, you need to stay centred so you can roll with the punches, which is going to hold you and connect you closer to that source where that creativity comes from, which will give you the ability to innovate, and create those awesome decisions that are going to make your life better in the future.

4 Draw State From Within

Success with women is about drawing state from within yourself.

That means not relying on the girl to provide the energy or validation you need, to feel amazing. It means not caring whether she’s nice to you or not, for you to enjoy the rest of your night. Drawing state from within also makes other people want to be around you all the time.

Drawing state from within is also about success with life. The key here is to feel awake and energised. Most guys are so totally identified with other people’s opinions and what they say about them. The way to feel that awesome state from within is by living a life of purpose, where you know what your values are and you move in that direction to become the ultimate man.

5 Have A Strong Sense Of Reality

Success with women is about having a strong sense of reality.

That means knowing who you are, what you value, what type of energy you want around yourself, and what your boundaries are. By knowing who you are, you’re coming to the woman with a full cup. By knowing what you value it means you’re not getting sucked into any kind of paranoia that you’re ‘not good enough’ for her. It means you bring her into your values and your party. By knowing the type of energy you want around yourself, you don’t tolerate any kind of nonsense from the girl, and by having your boundaries straight it means you’re not going to take any kind of second class behaviour either from yourself or her.

Having a strong sense of reality is also about success with life. Where you need to get to is where you trust your own judgment more than anyone else’s. Things can happen in your life, and yes, you can change how you feel – especially when someone gives you good, constructive feedback. What happens too often is that people think, “He’s trying to fuck with me, why would he say that?” Actually no. When you really believe in your values strong enough and you have your morals down, when someone gives you that feedback, you can tie it into your identity and be more open minded. So what you need to do is get to that point where you know truly who you are.

6 Feel A High Sense Of Entitlement

Success with women is also about entitlement and deservedness.

That means knowing, as a man what you’re worth so it’s not weird to take up the time and space of an attractive girl because you know you’re entitled to her. It also means not getting overly analytical and weird about a conversation because you know what you’re saying is of high value.

Having a high sense of entitlement is also about success at life. If you think about it, life is a self fulfilling prophecy. Too many times you’re clouded and you don’t see the opportunity that’s right in front of your face. The other time is when you need to feel deserving of it, for those times you do have success, because what happens is that you don’t think you deserve it and then you self sabotage.

7 Walk Through The World With Ease

Success with women is also about walking through the world with eeeeeeease.

That means having a sense of self efficacy that anything that comes your way you’ll handle it with no problem at all. It gives women a feeling of lightness when they’re around you, and allows them to be feminine and freeeeee 🙂

Walking through the world with ease is also about success at life. You need to be able to stroll through life just having fun. Crazy shit is going to happen. You might have a bankruptcy… sorryyy. You might have a lawsuit… sorryyy. It’s bound to happen. You need to be the one that can just handle that and relax. What that does is make you that magnetic person that people just want to be around, which of course helps in creating those amazing partnerships. Also if you’re looking for those high consciousness, high value successful people, being that guy who can walk through the world with ease is that man.

8 Never Make Things A Big Deal

Success with women is about making nothing into a big deal.

It means it’s not a big deal when she talks to you. It’s not a big deal when she makes out with you. It’s not a big deal when she asks for your phone number. Nothing is ever a big deal when it comes to success with women. When your guy mates give you props for getting her on a date, it’s not a big deal. It’s not a big deal with anything at all.

Not making things a big deal is an aspect of success with life. What you have to do is get to the point where nothing a big deal. You have a big success, don’t self sabotage. If you have really successful friends, it’s because you should have successful friends. If there’s people you want in your life that give you advice, just be like “Hell yeah I deserve this”. No big deal. Make it happen.

9 Addict Yourself To Positivity

Success with women is about addicting yourself to positively.

That means you’re in a highly resourceful state where you’re not bogged down by minor things. It means that you’re a winner and it utilises the law of state transference so that the girls you’re meeting are very positive when you’re around.

Being addicted to positivity is an aspect of success with life. What you need to do is get to the point where, yes, it’s good to be positive and an optimist. Think about the aspects of winning and learning. It’s not win lose, it’s win learn.

10 Assume Value

Success with women is about assuming value.

It means when you approach a girl, you know it’s already on. Even though you initiated the conversation, you know you’re not ever emasculating yourself because while you’re a scarce resource, beautiful women are abundant and you get it done!

Assuming value is also about success at life. If you’re the guy who’s constantly reading, working on yourself, studying self-development, you are the rare breed. So when you’re negotiating that contract with your boss, or when you’re thinking “How much should I charge for this product?” or when you have this really cool friend and you’re like “Would he actually want to come along with me on a trip?” Of course he would! Assume the value. You’re the man!

Stay strong.



The Top 10 Principles of Success with Women and Life
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The Top 10 Principles of Success with Women and Life
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