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The Trap of The Mainstream Relationship

The Trap of The Mainstream Relationship | Reading time: 2 mins

Stop getting disrespected, get an awesome partner, and make them want to stay with you forever!

It starts with…

Both people begin the relationship without being a full, complete, or self-reliant person – neither person has any idea what they actually want, so they get into the relationship because it ‘seems like a good idea’.

Both sides project their insecurities onto each other, this leads to codependency, neediness, and clinginess building on top of the low self-esteem, self-worth, and self-image.

In the relationship…

The downward spiral of insecurity and lack of clear goals eventually leads to control, clinginess, and negativity inside the relationship.

The negativity begins to surface as drama, arguments, yelling, beta-isation, emasculation, defeminate – as soon as your partner is no longer able to trigger attraction, the sex stops, leading to more frustration and eventually – cheating.

The more the relationship continues, the more both sides feel drained and exhausted, and want to spend less and less time together.

It ends in…

Since attraction is dead, the only way out now is through breakup, separation, or divorce – which leads to emotional trauma, financial ruin, or even bankruptcy.

You lose your partner, but more importantly – while in the relationship, you’ve lost the skill and confidence meet new people and find true love.

This leads to sadness, depression, pain… feelings of inferiority, of not being good enough, and in some cases even suicide.

Avoid the trap!

Don’t get stuck in a relationship with a low-quality person that sucks the life out of you.

Don’t keep waiting for that ‘magical’ person to come along… YOU gotta go out and get them.

Don’t allow yourself to fumble around while your standards slowly die and you fall asleep on your dreams, secretly hoping you’ll bump into SOMETHING that will wake you up.

Stop settling for a Mainstream Relationship.


Here’s what it means to  have a “SBS Relationship”…

It starts with…

Your partner is beautiful, smart and supportive – he or she is exactly what you’re looking for, and they never give you drama or causes stress.

What you’re like in the relationship…

You feel like a man. You feel like a woman. You are happy, confident, the world is out there for you to conquer, you are invigorated, inspired, and motivated.

The relationship…

You and your partner are both getting exactly what you want out of the relationship, you choose each other versus just randomly stumbling into it.

You grow together, support each other, and empower each other along the journey – becoming bigger than the sum of two parts.

Every day you have new experiences together, every moment is fun and interesting.

Every night you experience unstoppable attraction and hot, mind-blowing sex.

Mainstream relationship:
1. Drama
2. Negativity
3. Constant fighting
4. Insecurity
5. Neediness
6. Neither person gets what they want out of relationship, nothing seems to ever work out
7. Beta-isation, loss of attraction, no sex
8. He or she does not support you and is controlling, annoying, and bitchy
9. Cheating, divorce, or bankruptcy

SBS relationship:
1. Positivity
2. Motivation
3. Collaboration, comfort, and happiness
4. Both people get what they want out of relationship
5. Every shared experience is fulfilling
6. Man-to-woman, woman-to-man, burning attraction, hot sex
7. You are both empowered
8. Improving daily, on a path of achieving your dreams
9. Feelings of security, love, and abundance.

Stop settling for a mainstream relationship.

Get this part of your life handled.

With love,

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The Trap of The Mainstream Relationship
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The Trap of The Mainstream Relationship
British Asian dating | Stop getting disrespected, get an awesome partner, and make them want to stay with you forever! Get this part of your life handled.
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