The Most Attractive Traits Women Want In A Man

The Most Attractive Traits Women Want In A Man | Reading time: 3 mins

So what are the most attractive traits women want in a man?

To really understand this, we need to go back to caveman times. If we take your typical “alpha” caveman, what would determine if this caveman was attractive or not?

From a woman’s perspective, what constitutes an attractive guy is based on his behavioural cues, not in how he looks. This is something that’s very important to understand.

Behavioural cues are things like dominance, resourcefulness, decisiveness, fearlessness, being very grounded, being very free, being loud, being very self assertive.

That is what comprises a naturally attractive man. It’s his behaviour. In caveman times, a cavewoman didn’t look at the guy and think, “You know what, that caveman there, he’s very good looking, he look’s like a nice pretty boy, I’m very attracted to him”.

Trust me, she wasn’t looking at his looks, because in terms of survival and reproduction, his looks have no value. His looks would not increase his chance of survival and reproduction.

When we created this poll, we predicted that the end results would be balanced. And it was! Whether it’s persistence, dominance, decisiveness, fearlessness, these are ALL traits of a naturally attractive guy.

Here’s how to practically show these traits on a date and attract the girl of your dreams:

I always get a lot of slack every time I say this: “If a girl says no, it doesn’t ALWAYS mean no”. Now, let me just say this: There are times when girls will say, “NO”, and want you to back off, in that case, walk away. But in my experience, when a girl says “no”, or simply doesn’t say “yes” straight away, and it’s in a chilled out and jokey tone, all it means is, “I like you, but I’m not ready just yet” or “I need a bit more convincing, ask me again later”. In this case, it’s okay to be persistent.

Remember, it takes a lot more time for a girl to be attracted to you. It’s rare that she will say “yes” straight away.

This is a tough one because you don’t want to come across like a control freak. For example, you don’t want to be ordering her around. Instead, place yourself in a position of authority. This means taking charge of the interaction, directing where the interaction is going to go, and keeping the responsibility on your shoulders.

You have to be the boss. You have to be the one leading the interaction both verbally and physically. You have to be the one who’s in charge of the interaction. To do this you have to place yourself in a position of authority.

Make the big decisions. It’s that simple. If it’s a first date, you don’t need to ask a girl where she wants to go, instead just say to her, “Meet me outside this station on Thursday at 6pm”. Don’t be a permission seeking boy. Don’t do that. Girls want a man who can make clear decisions. It takes the responsibility off of her shoulders and allows her to be feminine and free.

Let’s just take physicality as an example. How do you know what the right amount of physicality is? It’s impossible to explain this because it’s something you need to emotionally recognise from the other person. It’s important whenever you’re doing something, to always look at the girl’s reaction. You’re always going to be able to tell where she is emotionally, mentally and physically depending on how she reacts after you do something.

This level of awareness will allow you to be more fearless and you’ll have the freedom to move the interaction forward physically.


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The Most Attractive Traits Women Want In A Man
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The Most Attractive Traits Women Want In A Man
British Asian dating | So what are the most attractive traits women want in a man? To really understand this, we need to go back to caveman times.
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