I Keep Getting Friend Zoned! - Serena's Story

I Keep Getting Friend Zoned! – Serena’s Story

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We had a chat with one of our members. A great girl who’s so cool that guys just want to keep her as a friend! Here’s Serena’s experience of being friend zoned: 

I grew up without my dad, but I’m really close to my younger brother – there’s just over a year’s difference between us. We pretty much did everything together – same school, same friends, played the same games/sport: football, basketball, wrestling, cricket etc. I basically grew up a tomboy.

I’ve always had guy friends, and my girl friends were always much older than me. I like to think of myself as warm, friendly and easy going. Very welcoming and like to make sure when someone new is in my space, that they’re comfortable. Same goes for dates.

I’ve been in far too many situations where I meet someone, whether it was on Tinder or on a random night out. We go on the first date, and I feel it’s going really really well. We’ve been hanging out for about 2-3-4 hours now just talking and getting to know each other. And then I either never hear from them again, or when we do meet again, it’s in a different capacity. Eg. Another person tags along or we’re in a group, and then it’s always like that.

This happened so often that I asked a few guys, “Why did you friend-zone me?!” And the most common reply I get is, “You’re just cool. You’re like one of the guys and easy to be around. Don’t want to ruin the friendship.” *insert eye roll emoji*

But the one story that probably hurts the the most is when I met this guy in August 2015. We hit it off immediately. “Hung out” (because we don’t call them dates anymore) A LOT. Lunches, coffees, dinners, movies at his place, even attending fairs together. People thought we were definitely dating but no, we were just friends.

At the end of January 2016, he randomly drops that I’d get to meet his special lady today. Then says, “I’ve never told you about her?” I’d known this guy for 6 months and we’d never spoken about relationships, and he just randomly tells me that he has a woman. Come on!

I have never felt worse than I did that day. It was basically a situation-ship that I had created in my mind and did nothing about. But all he ever saw me as was just a friend.

Thanks for sharing Serena, it’s a shame these guys are failing to see everything great about you!

Have you experienced anything similar to Serena’s story? Do you get friend zoned a lot or are you the one doing the friend zoning? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

Sabeen x

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I Keep Getting Friend Zoned! - Serena’s Story
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I Keep Getting Friend Zoned! - Serena’s Story
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