We Raised £1000 At The SBS Charity Party

We Raised £1000 At Last Week’s SBS Charity Party | Reading time: 2 mins

Thank you to everyone who attended and generously donated at the SBS Charity Party last week.

This was our first ever Charity Social, and it was a lot of FUN. So thank you.

Mental Health is a huge issue within the British Asian community, yet still a taboo.

As a Mentor, I meet a lot of people. Depression, anxiety, and suicide are just some of the big Mental Health conditions I see British Asians face. Just because it’s not talked about, doesn’t mean it’s not there.

My goal was to bring awareness to Mental Health in the British Asian community, and with your support and kindness, we did just that.

I’m really excited to announce that we raised a massive £430 at the SBS Charity Party!!!

Also, I’m going to personally double it, and round it up to £1000.

I’m very grateful for all of your donations to the Young Minds charity.

Seriously, thank you.

“There are times when I don’t leave my bed for days at a time. YoungMinds has throughout my depression been something that gets me out of bed, it’s a reason to continue.” – Aaliyah, Young Minds

If you didn’t get a chance to donate, or want to continue donating to the Young Minds charity, you can do so here: Click here to Donate.

Your donation will help Young Minds fight for a future where all young minds are supported through life, whatever the challenges.

So well done everyone and we can’t wait till the next SBS Charity Party.

And again, thank YOU.

Here’s just a couple of snaps from the SBS Party last week, more to come soon…

With love,

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We Raised £1000 At The SBS Charity Party
British Asian dating | Thank you to everyone who attended and generously donated at the SBS Charity Party last week. We raised £1000.
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