Marrying a Divorcée Was a Blessing in Disguise – Ravi & Simran’s Story

Marrying a Divorcée Was a Blessing in Disguise – Ravi & Simran’s Story

We talked to Ravi from Birmingham about marrying a divorcée. Here’s their story.

I met my wife three years ago. I always try not to be closed-minded, and I make sure I’m open to anything and everything. The second time Simran and I met, she told me she was divorced.

She said “There’s something I’ve got to tell you, and like with a lot of guys you’ll probably be really turned off and not want to speak any more. Most guys just run off when I tell them this. But I need to tell you I’m divorced.”

I took a moment to think about it, but I wasn’t put off her at all. I just thought, “Why would guys just run off? Why would people want to just cut someone off for something like that?” I said to her “It’s not really a big issue for me. It’s not like I want to marry you tomorrow! If we want to go further then we can talk about it later down the line.”

I really respected the fact she told me straight away. It must have been hard for her.

She told me what happened between them and why they had to end their marriage. In the back of my mind I did think there could have been a scenario where she could have been in the wrong. But I just thought if she was at fault, I’d get to understand her over time.

But as we got to know each other, I saw there was no fault in her. She was beautiful, easy going, family oriented, and personality wise we clicked really well. She was everything I was looking for.

When I told my family I had met someone and she was divorced, they didn’t really say anything but they wanted to meet her first. So she came to my house and met my parents, and they loved her. They understand that these things happen in life, and you cant hold it against someone forever. And when I met her family, they echoed what she had said – that the divorce really wasn’t her fault. And I didn’t get any kind of vibe they had been difficult or caused any problems either.

In a way, the fact she was divorced actually worked in my favour. She’d already been through a divorce, so she understands that marriage is sacred and precious. And because she had already lived with another family, it made her appreciate me and my family even more for not being the same way as her ex and his family.

It was a blessing in disguise. I’m glad I met her at that point in her life, rather than meeting her before all that. Because she’s been through so much that she completely understands family values, and what marriage is about, and how it can mess up. So she helps us both make more of an effort to make sure it doesn’t.

And her family really appreciates me for taking care of her. They treat me with so much love and kindness. They can see that she went through something really horrible and now she’s found someone who can take care of her. And they always go out of their way to show me they appreciate me.

Her mum always makes a special effort to look after me and cook for me when I visit them!

And since being married, our relationship has only gotten stronger. We’ve been on loads of adventures and done so much great stuff together.

My advice to you If you meet someone who’s divorced, don’t let that put you off them. Because that person could be an absolute diamond, but if you run away, you will never know. What have you got to lose? If you don’t like them, then you don’t need to date them.

You may assume that it could be a battle at home or with families. But what would actually happen if you married a divorced person? Nothing. It’s not the end of the world.

But being divorced doesn’t make them a lesser person.

Just stay open minded. Anything is possible.

Wow, that’s so lovely and inspiring. Thanks for sharing Ravi! ❤️

What did you guys think? Has this made you think twice about someone you’ve met?

Speak soon!

Sabeen x

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Marrying a Divorcée Was a Blessing in Disguise – Ravi & Simran’s Story
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Marrying a Divorcée Was a Blessing in Disguise – Ravi & Simran’s Story
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