I've Never Had a Boyfriend - Natasha's Story

I’ve Never Had a Boyfriend – Natasha’s Story

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One of our friends has only just started dating recently, and told us how it’s going. Here’s Natasha’s story… 

I’m 29, and I have never had a boyfriend! You could say that I’m a bit of a late bloomer to the dating world!

I’ve signed up to a couple of dating sites, but my experience so far has not been what I had hoped for.

The No-Show

I met this guy online. Sometimes we wouldn’t speak for a few days or even weeks and then I would randomly get a message. But he did ask me out a few times. I got a bit shy and freaked out as this would have been my first date. But I agreed to go out with him eventually.

On the day of the date I messaged him in the afternoon to clarify the time. No reply. Then 10 minutes before we should have been meeting, he messaged me. “I had to meet a friend in town, where are you?” My gut told me something wasn’t right, I had this feeling he wouldn’t show. I just replied, “Thank you for letting me know.” and left it there. We didn’t speak again after that.

The HOT Guy

We met for lunch in a bar that I had wanted to go to for a while.

There wasn’t much conversation, but I put that down to us eating, However, after we had finished he chatted to the bar staff more than me! It felt a bit rude. He paid for lunch even though I insisted on going halves. Then he offered to give me a lift home. He drove me home, got to my house and implied that I should invite him in… NO!

A few days later he said that he just wanted to have fun and wasn’t looking for a relationship at all!

Although he was hot, his attitude was not!

The Local Guy

I think I met this guy too quickly from when we first started talking.

We met for coffee and had a nice chat, but he seemed a bit shifty. I’m not sure in what way but just a bit off. He was flirty and a bit too forward for my liking. He wanted to kiss me very early on, insisted he sat next to me, and kept his arm around me!

We went to a nice, smart restaurant for dinner on our second date and I paid as he paid for the first date. He was rude towards the staff, and he said it was because he is a restaurant owner and what they were doing was wrong, but I thought they did their job well.

He also asked me to pay his personal bills, and it made me uncomfortable. I found out that he was lying about his job, and even lied about his name! I felt like I was wasting my time, so I ended it.

The Man With a Van

After a bit of chatting online we met. He arrived late but had told me in advance, he had transport issues so arrived in his work van, it didn’t bother me.

We me in a coffee shop, it was a bit strange. He bought coffee and tea but kept asking me to drink his coffee! This was a bit off-putting but the conversation was okay.

We laughed a bit about his van, and talked about a few other things so I got to know a bit about him. He was VERY flirty and kept trying to kiss me. When we were out I asked him one of the questions suggested in 5 Questions You Should Ask on A First Date, “What made you smile today?” his reply was about his van, that’s all I got. He didn’t ask me back!

We are still chatting but I’m getting a bit tired of the small talk. He has suggested meeting again but our schedules have been clashing. We’ll see what happens….

The Guy With His Barriers Up

After a bit of messaging we met for a drink. He arrived early and told me to message him when I got there. As soon as I arrived he told me he couldn’t stay long as he has to be up early and travel a long way home.

He was attractive but seemed to be keeping his guard up. We talked a bit about work, but not much else.

When he left he did say that he wouldn’t rule out a second date as first dates are always nervous, he mentioned that he won’t be free for a couple months though! I thought that was a bit of a weird thing to say too.

So after months I’m still single and it is not by choice! The men above have come from all backgrounds and religion: White men, Indian men, Atheist, Hindu, Punjabi and Muslim,

Oh Natasha, I can safely say millions of other girls have had a very similar experience when first getting into dating. I definitely had a few funny first date experiences. Let’s call it a rite of passage! ?

Do you have any funny stories similar to Natasha’s? Let’s hear them! Send your story directly to me: sabeen@sincebeingsingle.com.

Sabeen x


I've Never Had a Boyfriend - Natasha's Story
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I've Never Had a Boyfriend - Natasha's Story
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