How To Play It Cool With A Girl

How To Play It Cool With A Girl

How To Play It Cool With A Girl | Reading time: 2 mins

When getting to know a girl, most guys try to play it cool. They think that by taking a step back, the girl will chase them. This is wrong.

One of the biggest comments I get from girls is, “Why do guys not respond?” Or “What do I do if he doesn’t text or call me for three days?”.

The goal for today is to understand why taking a step back and playing it cool is wrong, and instead, focus on ways to get the girl to invest and chase you purposefully.

Understand: Taking a step back is what guys do when they don’t know how to get a girl invested in them and chasing them.

Most guys think that by not calling or texting the girl for three days, the girl will want them more. I see the logic. But remember, guys are logical and girls are emotional. Girls are not like guys.

The reason why most guys play it cool is because they want the girl to chase. Getting a girl to chase is something I teach my clients. But playing it cool is not one of the ways I would ever suggest.

If more guys understood the fundamentals of how women think and feel, they would know that playing it cool is one of the worst things you can do.

You might think, “I’m gonna play it cool so she chases me” or “I’m playing it cool because I don’t want to show her how much I really like her” or “I’m going to play it cool so she begs for my attention” or “I’m really busy, so I’m going to leave it to her to contact me”.

This is a horrible mindset to have.

Here are 5 ways to get her to invest in you and chase you without playing games:

Emotion and time
There’s a few ways to make her invest, but playing it cool is not one of them. Instead focus on emotional and time investment. Get her to emotionally invest in you. Do this by spending more time with her. The more time a girl invests in you, the more she’s going to open up to you, and the more she opens up, the more she’s not going to let you leave.

Be purposeful and show intent
Do you like her? If you do, show her that you like her. A girl needs to know that you like her, otherwise she’ll think, “I guess this guy is not interested, I’m moving on”. It’s important that you be purposeful in letting her know that you are interested in pursuing her. The more she knows, the more she will open up and invest in you.

Let her ask questions
You need to create the opportunity for her to ask questions. The more questions she asks, the more she wants to find out about you. The more she knows about you, the more she will open up and share too. There are also ways to amplify this, which I share in my Private Mentor Programme.

Girls get bored
While you’re playing it cool, she’s talking and getting to know another guy. There is way too much abundance in the dating world for you to play it cool. This is because girls get bored fast. Pick up the phone and arrange a time and place to see her again. The more time investment with you, the less time she’ll spend with other guys. It’s that simple.

Why she won’t chase you
If you’re playing it cool, you’re dabbling. Don’t dabble. If you want her, take her before another guy does. And trust me, because she’s not emotionally invested and hasn’t invested much time in you, she has no reason to chase you.

Playing it cool is wrong. Don’t do it.

If you want her to invest in you and chase you, do it purposefully.

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How To Play It Cool With A Girl
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How To Play It Cool With A Girl
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