How To Keep A Guy Attracted To You

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Meeting the right guy is one thing, but keeping him attracted to you is a whole different conversation.

I’m going to share ways on how to keep a guy attracted to you. This is something that’s very important to understand. I guarantee that if you understand and apply these secrets, you will have a huge advantage over any other girl.

One of the biggest comments I get from girls is, “How do I keep him attracted?” or “He just disappeared after three dates” or “It was all going fine and then he just didn’t text back”.

There are many ways to keep a guy attracted to you, but I want to share just one today: Create opportunities for him to provide and protect.

This is so simple and easy to apply, it’s almost to simple. To do this you must focus on a man’s primal instincts and make him feel good about you.

Here’s 3 Ways To Keep A Guy Attracted To You:

1) Give him permission to lead:

You must create opportunities for him to lead. This is hard for a lot of girls because if a guy doesn’t lead from the start, girls tend to jump in a take control of the interaction. This is wrong. If you want him to lead, you must give him permission to lead. You could say, “Lead the way” or “Where are we going then?”. Subtle comments like this will give him to provide and protect you.

2) Say these words to him:

Say this to a guy, “I could really use your help with something…”. These words appeal to a man’s ‘caveman’ instincts. It also gives him an opportunity to provide. When he hears, “I could really use your help with something…”, he will feel manly and really good, which he will now associate with you

3) Compliment his behavioural traits:

Most girls will compliment a guy by saying, “You look sharp in that suit” or “I like your dress sense”. Although these compliments are nice, they don’t do anything for him as a man. Remember, guys don’t think like girls. If a guy said to you, “You look really good in that dress” or “I like your nails” or “I like your dress sense”, you will feel really good about yourself. Your confidence will be boosted and you will enjoy the good emotions. This is not the case for a man.

Instead, I want you to focus on complimenting his behavioural cues. Behavioural cues are things like dominance, resourcefulness, decisiveness, fearlessness, being very grounded, being very free, being loud, being very self assertive. These are the traits of a naturally attractive and “alpha” man. For example, you could say, “I love that you lead” or “When I’m with you I feel so safe” or “I love how you make decisions”.

Give these a go and let me know how you get on.

Speak soon,


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How To Keep A Guy Attracted To You
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How To Keep A Guy Attracted To You
British Asian dating | Meeting guys is easy, but keeping them attracted is a lot harder. I'm going to share ways on how to keep a guy attracted to you.
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