Kamey and Sabeen Gave Me The Confidence to Approach - Mani's Story

Kamey Gave Me The Confidence to Approach – Mani’s Story

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One of our members shared his story with us, and how asking Kamey for advice gave him the confidence to approach the girl he liked. Here’s Mani’s story…

During one of my breaks at work I decided to go to the local coffee shop. I saw this girl working there and first impressions were that she was stunning. I hadn’t spoken to her before but she simply took my breath away. As the days came and went, one cup of coffee after another; I still hadn’t spoken to her; I couldn’t even build up the courage to have a conversation with her that was more than ‘hi [coffee order] thank you’.

This was when I asked Kamey over Twitter for advice. I asked for ways that I could talk to her without making myself look like a fool. Kamey advised to be upfront, be confident, be myself, and make the move. Otherwise I would never know her feelings.

I won’t lie, at first I was reluctant to do anything because I was afraid of rejection. But I wasn’t getting anywhere and I didn’t like that. So I took Kamey’s advice, and I just went for it. And POW I had a proper conversation with her.

If I had not taken Kamey’s advice, I would not have known that she was nervous to talk to me as well. One thing led to another, she found me on Facebook; then we exchanged numbers. We talk everyday and we’ve even met up. We’ve developed such a close bond, which I didn’t expect. We have so many things in common it’s unbelievable. We even set a date so I can take her for her first chilli cheese naan.

Unfortunately though, during the time we met she was on a break from her ex but they got back together. Rather than walking away, I decided to be a friend to her and help her and her ex smooth things over. If I can’t have her in my life as more than a friend I would rather have her in my life as a friend.

I wouldn’t have known any of this if I hadn’t taken the advice from Kamey. For this I am truly grateful as I would most probably still be wondering who she is.

This experience made me realise that I was making it harder than it actually was. Kamey gave me the confidence to pull through and brought someone new into my life. It was the push that I needed.

But now I have to be a man and accept that she is with someone else. Kamey told me, “If it doesn’t work out, accept it and move on. At least you know where you stand.”

So that’s what I’m doing. I’ve accepted it, and now I’m moving forward.

This is so lovely to see. It’s a shame it didn’t work out the way you wanted it to, but I’m really proud that you listened and understood Kamey’s advice, and we’re really happy that you’re moving on to find the right girl for you. Good luck!

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