6 Mistakes That Drive Guys Away

6 Mistakes That Drive Guys Away

6 Mistakes That Drive Guys Away | Reading time: 3 mins

I want to share with you 6 mistakes that drive guys away, for good.

Now, I’m not having a dig at girls here, but I will say this: Don’t ever try to manipulate guys and then wonder why he left you.

Understand: I want you to get real results. That’s all I care about. So what I’m about to say might be hard to hear.

A lot of girls I meet need to work on their behaviour. Yes girls, your behaviour sucks!

I have to tell girls off on a daily basis for bad behaviour. And trust me, it’s not something I enjoy doing.

Again, I’m trying to help you here so understand what I’m saying is coming from a kind place.

One of the biggest comments I get from girls is “How do I keep a guy”.

Keeping a guy is easy. Trust me, it really is (I’m going to share the secrets on how to keep any guy in my full day workshop next month).

Today I want to talk about some of the biggest mistakes girls make that drives guys away.

These mistakes are all based around behaviour.

Some of these mistakes are so subconscious most girls don’t even realise they do it. But remember what I said a moment ago: guys are not stupid.

Guys won’t bring up this stuff because guys are not girls. We don’t act, think, and behave like you. Unlike girls who will talk openly and share their feelings, guys will simply withdraw and you’ll never know why.

In the past I have pulled away from girls who show any signs of “2nd class” bad behaviour.

I want to share a checklist of behaviours with you that women use to self-sabotage themselves and their relationships, without even realising it.

Here’s 6 Mistakes That Drive Guys Away:

Behaviour 1: She pulls him away from his friends
Don’t ever do this. Like girls, guys need their freedom and their friends. If his friends are a group of normal cool guys, encourage him to spend time with them. He will love you for it.

Behaviour 2: She doesn’t show love when he achieves success
Praise him as if he was a king. In other words feed his ego. One thing I always say to girls is, “Don’t praise what he’s done, instead praise his traits.” If you attend one of my workshops, you might say to me, “That was a really good workshop” (BORING! I’ve heard it a million times before). Instead say, “Kam, I love how you can talk forever with such focus”. Now that’s a trait! Get it?

Behaviour 3: She wants to come before his family all the time
Don’t ever criticise, condemn or complain about his family. Guys really don’t like it and will leave your ass in a heartbeat. His family might not be perfect, but you don’t need to focus on them. Your concern is you, him and the relationship. Focus on that, not on them.

Behaviour 4: She pulls him away from his female friendships
I have a lot of female friends. As you can probably tell I love female company. I enjoy being around girls simply because I like to be around girls. Be confident that you’re number one. Stay classy, stay high value and know your worth. Don’t be a jealous girlfriend. It shows low value.

Behaviour 5: She expects you to cure her bad moods
Drama drama drama. He don’t need it. Leave it at the door. Don’t be a drama queen. It’s not his responsibility to make you happy. It’s not his responsibility to cure your bad moods. It’s hard enough making himself happy. Take responsibility for your own actions and understand that your actions have consequences. If you’re in a bad mood, sort it out yourself.

Behaviour 6: She sacrifices her own plans
Guys like a girl with goals, dreams and visions of her own. I want you to always focus on yourself first and him second. Your life is your life. Don’t ever blame him for not achieving your goals. Remember, people are selfish and are out for themselves. Focus on you. Always. And if that means being part of his plans, that’s even better.

Talk soon,

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6 Mistakes That Drive Guys Away
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6 Mistakes That Drive Guys Away
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